Fabián Pellegrinet Conte & Ross Hamilton Englisbe

Fabián Pellegrinet Conte & Ross Hamilton Englisbe


Renowned for creating distinctive models of furniture devoted to artisanal production and attention to detail, Hamilton Conte founders Ross Hamilton & Fabian Pellegrinet Conte believe that every interior should tell a story.

Their creative process takes inspiration from a variety of styles and cultures and is centred on artisan production and complementary talents of its two founders. Together, they make beautiful creations characterised by originality and warmth.

Bound by an artisanal approach and their attention to detail in manufacturing, their artistic allure is inspired by many styles and cultural backgrounds, including the 1950s-1970s, some transatlantic influences, the Scandinavian model, and a touch of Parisian elegance…

To make their products stand out from the crowd, Hamilton Conte uses an eclectic combination of materials : precious woods, resin, stone, metals such as cast iron, brass, aluminum…

Everything is made to highlight the product and adapt it to the individual requirements of each client. All together, the Hamilton Conte collection is visually and physically diverse, as well as being unique to the brand’s universe.

“For me, the four elements represent our philosophy of eclecticism. Combining these materials and forms helps to energize spaces and provide visual diversity. Without setting aside practicality, essential for any piece of furniture. I find that cast metal strengthens the artistic side of the Hamilton Conte range”   - Fabian P. Conte Co-founder & Artistic Director 

“We’re always working on renewing the Hamilton Conte line. Furniture is like fashion and we must always innovate, bringing something new to every Maison & Objet Show. Our core product range is also reviewed regularly with quality improvements and new finish options. We have also reworked our fabric selection to offer greater freedom when creating new interior projects”.