Quality Resort Furniture

A Spanish luxury outdoor furniture brand with
more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing commercially graded resort style furniture.

Skyline Design offers a comprehensive collection suitable for both commercial and residential outdoor applications.

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Customise it Your Way

All pieces are made to order, allowing you to design bespoke pieces which fit perfectly into your outdoor projects.

Refer to the customisation section on the product page to determine which weave, fabric and frame options are available for that piece.

Each of the material options can be viewed in the Skyline Material book.

Highly Durable Materials

Intricately designed to reflect the natural environment and withstand the harsh Australian climate, Skyline Design is renowned for its extreme durability. The quality materials used to craft their products are unrivalled for their high tensile strength, durability, colour fastness and minimal surface fading.

Acrylic Fabric

100% Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric is used on all cushion covers. This superior fabric offers formidable resistance to sun fading, UV harm and water and stains.

Employing a solution-dyeing technique, the color is infused at the molecular level, guaranteeing lasting brilliance that stands the test of time.


HDPE fibres have been designed to withstand sun, rain, and humidity, all the while retaining its allure.

Thanks to its UV resistance, the brilliant colors remain unfaded, enduring year after year. Beyond durability, HDPE is environmentally responsible, being fully recyclable.

Polyester Fibre

Leveraging polyester in our detailed weaving techniques endows our furniture with heightened protection against UV radiation, dampness, and temperature variances, marking it as the prime pick for exterior settings.

Its remarkable resilience and adaptability guarantee that our furniture retains its vibrant color and robust structure, even in challenging environments.


With an unwavering commitment to longevity and visual appeal, Skyline aluminum is treated galvanically to fortify it against rust. Subsequently, each piece is sealed with a superior powder coating, baked to perfection, guaranteeing a sleek, enduring, and resilient finish against the elements.


Celebrated for its rich golden hue and distinctive grain, teak wood brings a touch of sophistication to any outdoor environment. More than just visually appealing, our teak furniture is renowned for its unparalleled durability. Its inherent oils act as a shield against moisture, decay, and insect damage, ensuring that your furniture remains resilient and stunning through various weather conditions for years to come.

Sourced from sustainably managed forests.


This robust and adaptable material stands unmatched for outdoor settings, boasting an extraordinary defense against varying weather, harmful UV exposure, and common stains. Its minimal water retention and effortlessly cleanable surface make porcelain tables a convenience, demanding little upkeep.

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