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Handcrafted Tradition

Nearly five decades ago Alan Palecek laid the foundation for Palecek, driven by a deep respect for natural materials and a commitment to preserving traditional artisan techniques.

Today, their iconic and continually evolving collection finds inspiration in both classic and organic forms. Rigorous craftsmanship remains the cornerstone, ensuring the crafting of enduring pieces.

Uncompromising curiosity and a commitment to never stop learning is an approach that takes more time, but it leads to a product that we know and understand with profound depth.—Andrew T. Palecek

Natural Materials

Sourcing plants like rattan, abaca, seagrass and lampakanay, that grow abundantly in the tropics of Southeast Asia, as well as stone, fossils, and shells found in large quantity throughout the region.

We've chosen these special, beautiful, flexible materials and we've become completely expert in using them to their most extraordinary advantage. We could design in many other materials, but I've never found anything I like better.

—Andrew T. Palecek


Seagrass grows in abundance in vast, bright green undersea meadows. As it migrated and adapted from land to sea millions of years ago, seagrass evolved into a kind of super-grass of extraordinary strength, durability, and impermeability.


Lampakanay is a cattail-like seagrass that grows wild in swamps and marshes throughout the Philippine archipelago, where it has been harvested, processed, and woven by local communities for centuries. It can be twisted into a resilient rope, which can be wrapped or woven around a frame to create the patterns that lend a look of organic beauty.

Fossilized Clam

Fossilized clams are in remote mountains, where they have remained since they were underwater millions of years ago. Our artisans source them throughout the Philippines and slice them using diamond saws to reveal the beautiful patterns and rich colours. The slices can be pieced together and laminated like a mosaic to give each piece its own distinctive elegance and appeal.


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