Mark Moussa

Mark Moussa


A veteran of the lighting business, Mark Moussa has an entrepreneurial spirit and intuitive sense of design that was cultivated in him from a very young age. This year marks 30 years in the business with a continued commitment to fostering designer relationships, traditional craftsmanship, and artisan techniques.

Moussa is inspired by many things including flea markets, the beach and Alexander McQueen, but adds that “inspiration is everywhere: a bar, a restaurant, a boutique.” That’s why he never stays in the same hotel twice. “If I travel the same path, I become stale.” Moussa even rearranges his home every six months; a process that fuels new collections.

Through close collaborations with skilled artisans from around the world, has set the pace with unique designs that transcend trends. “We seek out factories that are owned or operated by artisans who, like us, understand the balancing act between engineering, art and organic material.”

Moussa partners with innovators across the design spectrum, including Frank Ponterio, Celerie Kemble, Barry Dixon, Laura Kirar and Windsor Smith.