Noel Royo Asenjo

Noel Royo Asenjo


Born in Cebu, Philippines, Noel began his career as a draftsman. After years working in the sector, he had a turning point in his life and that’s when he decided he wanted to become a world-known designer.

Currently, he is the head of R & D and head designer of SkylineDesign®. Nature and humanity are his main source of inspiration for his designs, creating furniture pieces that result instinctively elegant forms endowed with great comfort.

Noel has a long career with more than two decades of experience in the design world. Has a unique creativity that added to his great knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies has led him to be awarded in many international prestigious events.

The Dynasty collection is his latest creation for SkylineDesign® brand, a complete set of parts intended for outdoor use that can be used indoors too.