Playful Movement

Inspired by a playful curiosity and exploration of the senses our Playful Movement collection evokes feelings of excitement and joy.

The collection combines elements which are refined and free flowing with the organic and imperfect. Materials emerge with endless tactile possibilities influencing a sophisticated palette where muted colour meets rich texture.

Organic surfaces like split bamboo and paper mache showcase a wide range textural variations and natural markings. These engaging forms remind us of the beauty of the hand-made, summoning a sense of nostalgia, curiosity, and wonder.

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Organic Origins

Natural Materials have been reimagined as we explore new ways to transform raw finishes into refined pieces.

In crafting our Hallie Coffee Tables, bamboo stems have been split and compressed to create a veneer surface that mirrors the plant's natural texture. The warm highlights, tone variations and natural markings of the split bamboo play beautifully with light and shadow, offering captivating depth.

Hallie Coffee Tables
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Soft Contours

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our Boyd Upholstery Collection showcases high-quality craftsmanship and distinct design.

These generously curved designs feature graceful enveloping lines which are enticingly soft and well proportioned.

Personalise with your own fabric choice.

Boyd Collection Upholstery Collection

Inherently Tactile

A naturally rich and tactile material, faux shagreen is well known for its organic, pebbly texture.

These statement pieces should be given space to stand out where their delicately dappled finish can be admired from all angles.

Shagreen Collection

Moulded Forms

Uniquely shaped by their maker’s hands, our paper mache pieces are characterised by their uneven edges and imperfect finishes.

Abundant in texture and colour variations, each piece has an intentionally aged appearance, reminiscent of unearthed artefacts steeped in history.

Paper Mache