Beaumaris Residence

Nestled in an unrivalled location in Beaumaris Victoria, this home provided the perfect foundation for a refined transformation.

The comprehensive and ambitious renovation project undertaken by Melissa Balzan infused the home with a classic approach to materiality and a commitment to a contemporary vision.

Meticulous Materiality

The project was orchestrated with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every facet of the house received the careful consideration it deserved.

The selection of materials, including travertine, marble, timber veneer, oak flooring, metal and aged brass, contributed to an ambience of tactile luxury, enhanced by the thoughtful interplay of light and shadow.

Harmonious Haven

This undertaking was about more than just rejuvenating the client’s living space, it was a journey to create a haven that would gracefully accompany them through the next significant phase of their lives.

About Melissa

Melissa Balzan Design emerged as a result of extensive experience working with prominent industry leaders in Melbourne. This full-service design studio is committed to delivering a fully customized experience for every client, resulting in designs that are both sleek and uniquely personalized.

Whether it's inner-city apartments, period homes, spacious family residences, or vacation properties, each residential project is treated with the same level of creativity, meticulousness, and dedication it deserves.