Signature Styles

Kate Nixon

Passionate about layers and textures, Kate thrives on curating spaces that exude individuality and warmth.

With a love for comfortable, contemporary aesthetics and a commitment to reflecting personal style, she is drawn to the scale and sensibility of American furnishings and interiors, complemented by the craftsmanship and patina of European design.


We are dedicated to celebrating unique and diverse design styles. Our curated collections transcend trends, offering timeless pieces that seamlessly adapt to any aesthetic.



“Key pieces from Boyd Blue’s extensive range of curated furniture, lighting and accessories elevate our vision of an elegant, timeless interior and comfortable, enduring family home. Boyd Blue’s commitment to exemplary craftsmanship, unique design and personalised service aligns beautifully with our brand values and ethos of creating everyday joy.”


- Kate Nixon, Designer


Out Of Africa

Out of Africa is more than just a residence, it’s a testament to the family’s unique journey. Taking inspiration from the property’s original classical architecture and seamlessly integrating it with the contemporary refurbishment led by architects Cadence & Co.

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This Sydney home on the Lower North Shore embraces a Spanish hacienda vibe, featuring an arched colonnade, timber beams, terracotta roof, and a romantic courtyard.

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