Underwood Residence

Welcome to the Underwood Residence, beautifully designed and styled by Darren James Interiors.

With Boyd Blue product popping up throughout this project we were thrilled to receive insight on the brief of the design. 

Together the family wanted the property to evoke a strong feeling of home which enabled relaxation and reflected the inhabitant’s heritage, aesthetic and cultural values. The biggest challenge Darren James interiors faced was to create a distinct sense of style and atmosphere for each individual home. They approached this by considering each of the homes as a separate project that reflects the individual style and taste of the inhabitants but work cohesively together. 

The client was a multi -generational family who custom built the home which was designed by BVN Architects to suit their unique living arrangements. The home is uniquely separated into 2 individual dwellings under the one roof. Upon entering the property, the space opens into a large communal double heighted courtyard featuring large palm trees framed in geometrically shaped, built out planters. 

Spotted Product 

Nolan Small Pendant 

Garrison Hurricane 

Oceanic Box 

Mohini Stool