St Ives

In their St Ives project, Acton & Rumble have meticulously crafted a space that exudes timeless luxury. The design is rooted in a classic architectural style, featuring elements such as wainscoting and rich timber flooring. These details provide a foundation of sophistication and elegance, setting the tone for the entire home.

Sophisticated Ambiance

The use of brass accents throughout the project adds a touch of opulence, while soft hues in the rugs and furnishings create an inviting and sophisticated ambiance. This combination of materials and colours results in a balanced and serene environment. Lush fabrics further enhance the space’s rich, layered aesthetic, embodying a classic design approach that feels both luxurious and comfortable.

Textural Harmony

The entryway showcases a variety of materials, including raffia, stone and metal, which are used to create a welcoming and dynamic space.

The Clifton console, with its sleek design and timeless appeal, seamlessly integrates with the layered textures and neutral artwork, adding depth and sophistication to the entryway. This thoughtful curation not only enhances the overall harmony of the space but also makes a lasting and striking first impression.

Refined Elegance

The living room is a showcase of refined elegance, where classic furniture is beautifully complemented by carefully selected artwork. The Bloquer artwork and Monolith coffee table are standout elements that add depth and character to the room. These pieces not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the room’s sophisticated atmosphere.

About The Studio

Acton & Rumble are dedicated to creating distinctly elegant interiors that are authentic, personal, and genuinely liveable. Their approach to design ensures that each space is not only functional but also reflects the unique personality and lifestyle of its inhabitants. By revealing their clients’ styles and stories, past and present, they create spaces that evoke an emotional response.