Signature Styles

Brendan Wong

Brendan Wong creates homes that reflect his clients’ visions of living well, blending functionality with artistic elements to ensure inhabitants feel valued and comfortable.

Focusing on longevity, his interiors embody personal expression with intriguing details that balance harmony and surprise. This is achieved through a blend of base materials and vibrant accents sourced from his extensive network of artisans and trades.


We are dedicated to celebrating unique and diverse design styles. Our curated collections transcend trends, offering timeless pieces that seamlessly adapt to any aesthetic.



"We have long been explorers of Boyd Blue’s world class collection of brands.  They are an exciting source of quietly elegant support pieces through to attention grabbing focal points in our projects.  Their service has consistently felt personalised and professional by understanding our aesthetic.  Integrating their elevated accessories, lighting and furniture brings delight to our most sophisticated clientele."


- Brendan Wong, Designer


Cove House

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East House

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Collectors Retreat

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