COVID Policy Guidelines

Visiting a Showroom

As we navigate life with COVID, our showroom opening hours and customer service procedures adapt to local government restrictions and guidelines.

To visit our showrooms, please:

  • Preferably schedule an appointment by email or phone
    Click here for details: Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne
  • Check in with contract tracing QR codes
  • Have proof of vaccination ready
  • Wear a mask when required
  • Adhere to social distance and capacity limits
  • If feeling unwell schedule another time to visit

We appreciate everyone doing their part to minimise the impacts of COVID.

Contactless & remote services

If you can't get into a showroom, find out what we can do to help on our Contactless Services page.


Lockdown Showrooms

If our showrooms are within a LGA that is in lockdown, it will not be open.

Alternatively, please get in touch with our sales team:


Customer Care

If your enquiry is about general Customer Care please email and we will get back to you or visit our Customer Care page.