What are the Top Chandelier Trends for 2021?

What are the Top Chandelier Trends for 2021?

The right chandelier can elevate your space, adding new levels of depth and interest. 

Here are our favourite Chandelier trends for 2021. 

The Use of Natural Lighting Materials 

We have seen a rise in the popularity of chandeliers which incorporate rich natural materials which are not only warm and tactile but are also sustainable. Some of the materials which we love using in our pieces include coco beads, wood, timber and glass.

These pieces appear light and airy. Often exhibiting a tiered construction with hand-cut wooden beads wrapped across a frame. This particular style allows light to cascade down each layer and brilliantly light up its surroundings. 

Both Arteriors add Palecek are masters at using rich natural materials for their chandeliers and have a wide collection of pieces which are visually beautiful.

Some pieces which follow this trend include the Baja, Valencia, Finley and Tulane Chandeliers.





Italian Mid-century Design 

Flawless and graceful Italian Mid-century chandelier style exudes fine craftsmanship, extravagance and flair. This design style has made a come-back with a modern take on this classic design style.

Some of the pieces in our collection which were inspired by mid-century Italian Design include the Auburn, Carlisle, Chandler, Walhburg Two Tier, Richardson and Analise Two Tier Chandeliers.

A Modern Take on the Classic Mid-century Sputnik Design 

This iconic mid-century Chandelier design style has been reinvented with a modern edge. The Sputnik Chandelier was designed in the 1940 - 60’s and features multiple arms which feature a light bulb extending from a centre point.

Ranging from asymmetrical and minimal to perfectly balanced and more traditional, the main focus with these pieces is on the dominant, often circular globes. 

Pieces like the Dudley, Emerson and Linkka Chandeliers all modern minimal takes on the classic Sputnik design.



Outdoor Chandeliers 

More often than ever we are wanting to make our outdoor spaces as beautiful and comfortable as our indoor spaces and outdoor lighting doesn't have to be boring. 

We have a range of beautiful outdoor chandeliers which can illuminate your outdoor space, enhancing your outdoor environment. 

Some of our favourite outdoor chandeliers include the Nantucket, Augustine and Tanner Chandeliers. 


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