Single Emerald Agate Collection in Gold Frame

Single Emerald Agate Collection in Gold Frame

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Agates are one of the world’s oldest healing stones on earth and is used as a protective stone. It’s metaphysical properties protect against negative energies, and promote soothing energy, harmony and peace. This stone embodies the aspirations of Boyd Blue so naturally we wanted to create works of art to encompass this within our showrooms, and most importantly in the homes of our clients.

The focus of these works are the stones themselves. Each Agate is carefully sourced and curated per piece ordered. Our Artist will hand-select a stone based on its size, shape, and colour in order to secure a sense of balance and uniformity in each work of art. You will realise the beauty in the variation of each precious stone as no two pieces will ever be the same. The stones guise themselves like drops of ink immersing inside a pool of water, the colours playfully mixing together creating intense and subtle tones, which makes each one interesting and unique to look into.

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Our Boyd in-house collection combines contemporary lines with hand forged accents to achieve an eclectic range of  furniture, accessories, textiles, rugs and artwork. Handcrafted using a range of natural materials like linen, stone, marble, rafia, oak, mango wood and silk, our collections are textured, and unique in the way we layer them. 


530 W x 530 H mm

Material Information:

Emerald green single agate piece hand-applied on deep gold acid-free paper and pedestal mounted Hand framed in cream timber boxed frame w/ gold scratch front-float. Off-white matting. 

Assembly Required: