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5 ways lighting will make your next project shine

Lighting is vital in any room. We’ve all been in a space that didn’t feel right and lighting can be a large part of that.

More than simply adding light, when used correctly lighting can add warmth, mood and ambience with shadows or a playful interest from vibrant light. Here’s how to ensure your next project lights up your client.

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Spread the light around hitting into multiple areas. Using various sources of light flatters the room to not only look bigger but lets the eye land on a series of spaces for an interesting design. By placing an emphasis on how each space is used we can apply aesthetic and functionality to the design. Think about table lamp positioned next to a sofa that invites you to sit with a good read and tells a story in how the space can be used. Or focus on pendants in the kitchen for task lighting to avoid eye strain or positioned sconces in the bathroom to help get that winged eyeline just right.

But remember less is more and once you have chosen your design keep the look streamlined for a luxurious setting.

Focus on the beauty

An ugly vent or awkward corner? Move the focus away and insert a showpiece, by specifying lighting that redirects away from the elephant in the room we are drawn to the beauty so much that soon you won’t even notice. Lighting also helps to showcase a favourite item – paintings, sculptures, family photos can be appreciated so much more with a pendant beside or table lamp with a flush of soft light.


Add drama

Take your clients breath away with a dramatic chandelier in your next project. The power of just one standout piece can elevate the entire project. Be sure to spend in the right place for maximum impact like an elegant chandelier hanging above an entrance void for all to see sets the tone willing guests with excitement into the space. Or a pendant in the dining space for dinner parties will stretch the spend rather than keeping gems hidden away in bedrooms or ensuites.


Renovate without touching a hammer

Add some interest to a room that lacks architectural elements and get creative by layering pendants for your signature look. By teaming short and long pendants together you can lean to towards formality in symmetry or eclectic with a considered jumble of heights. Open plan living is common place today and lighting is a great way to zone these spaces. Pendants over the dining space envelops guests around the table for an inclusive zone while floor lamps positioned next to a weathered leather armchair tells of solitude moments.


Use some clever tricks like adding a light next to a mirror for an immediate amplification of light within a space.  Tricks don’t need to be siloed into merely adding to a room whne the light is on but can also manipulate the appearance of a space, like adding vertical lighting to lengthen an area and raise the ceiling to make a room feel taller. Or try adding additional bright lighting in the cooler months to make a room can to feel warmer.



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