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5 Minutes With Designer Boys Gav and Waz

Since The Block in 2003, inspired by the dearth of original, accessible art for interiors on the market, Gav & Waz started their art wholesale business Designer Boys eight years ago and have some of the the strongest collections of decorative artworks in the industry.

We caught up with Gavin and Warren, here’s what they had to say;

How would you describe your style?

Our personal style is bold watercolours, metallic finishes, stunning botanicals, hand-embellished textiles and striking contemporary pieces to add a diverse and fabulous look.

What inspires you and your artwork collections?

Our main inspiration /style comes from our love of nature and the beautiful aesthetics that surrounds where we live. Gavin has a degree in environmental science – so his love of nature has always been part of him.

We loved our collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Museum Victoria are a wonderful addition to our portfolio. 

There are so many pieces in the DB Catalogue to choose from, how do you help clients decide?

We encourage designers to liaise with us to discuss how we can help make their interiors extra special with our art. Our website is an easy to use resource for clients and they can find what they want quickly and easily.

With our background in interior design, we have lots of knowledge to share on how to incorporate our artwork in exciting ways.

What’s your personal favourite if you were to hang one at home today?

We have just bought an amazing new home in the Noosa hinterland from a couple from Zimbabwe and the style is truly a gorgeous British-Colonial aesthetic with an African tribal twist.  And with so many walls to be adorned with amazing artworks, we will be focusing on using our striking textural artworks from our Signature Collections. When we have used these en-masse in our farmhouse in Byron Bay or in our inner-city apartment, our family & friends are always overwhelmed with how gorgeous all of the textural elements of these artworks create such a stunning wall. And to top it off, we like to add range of botanicals and contemporary black and white artworks to create a diverse and inspiring aesthetic.  

What trend is exciting you in interior at the moment? 

For years as interior designers, our well known style was always a natural luxe look with beautiful textures and a natural palette. It’s exciting to see that this aesthetic now has a broad appeal to so many designers and their clients. This style is perfect for providing harmony in the home and its soothing for the soul.  However it’s always fun to mix this up with some bold colour in the artworks.  An amazing contemporary artwork can provide that big splash of colour to become the anchor for a room.

We are very excited to be part of Boyd Blue incredible showrooms because they carefully curate a collection of our magnificent artworks that show our individual style. They also show how you can use Designer Boys to create a unique luxe look for your interiors. Think bold watercolours, metallic finishes, stunning botanicals, hand-embellished textiles and striking pieces. Click here to view the Designer Boys catalogue. 

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