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Wealth prediction for interior designers

On the 16th February in Chinese astrology, we move into the lucky year of the dog and apparently after two challenging years, 2018 will be more harmonious, enjoyable and constructive for all, but luckier for some.

Abundance is looking particularly good for interior designers who are likely to experience a big improvement on last year.

According to the element cycle, the tree element manages the earth element, known as the money of the tree element. For this reason, the sectors of the tree element are going to increase their income from last year. Interior designers and landscapers fall into this sector.

Apparently, abundance is also in favour of those with doors overlooking the south east. For example, if a living room, is in the south eastern direction with an open front, then the abundance will be with you, so you might want to re-think your own home design.

As the superstition goes, on February 16th avoid doing the laundry, using scissors and sweeping floors as this is considered to cause bad luck for the year ahead so probably wise to avoid if you can!

To find out your Chinese sign and to delve deeper into how the year of the brown dog may turn out for you click here to read more. 

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