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To make things easier for our clients, at Boyd Blue we have introduced the 4 tiers program.

The program allows clients to search for product within four pricing tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum so you can shop easily by collection within your clients’ budget structure. 


The entry level Bronze collection is unique, artisan and imperfect.

In the Bronze Collection, finishes will never be perfect. These pieces are the true artisan products,   completely made by hand. You can see the imperfections from piece to piece left by the individual artisan. 

This range is made in India, has character and you can’t get anymore more handmade than these pieces.

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The Silver Collection is timeless, textured, global and has more attention given to detail.

  Crafted in Indonesia, products are within a mid-level price point and clients are paying more for a really refined well finished piece.

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The Gold Collection is meticulous, sophisticated and luxurious combining fine craftsmanship and authentic luxury finishes.

  Meticulously crafted in the Philippines with a premium for quality craftsmanship and unique expensive materials that are quite sparse to source and has a higher price point for these luxury investment pieces.

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The Platinum Collection is globally sourced from brands unique in their designs who share a love of natural  materials and unique craftsmanship techniques.

Designer brands include Hamilton Conte Paris and Box Living.

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As you identify your client’s needs and understand their desired spend, you can then customise a look that falls within that tier.

The program offers a great way for you to mix and match to help your client maximise their spend and for you to spend your valuable time designing.


Expansive collection of exclusive brands


Quality products with an artisan touch

Fast Delivery

Over 400 products in stock for swift delivery

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