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What is Petrified Wood?

Petrified wood is the name given to ancient wood that has been transformed into stone (fossilized) through the process of permineralization.
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Gilded Ambience

A lesson in luxe, Stylemaster homes delivers light and shade that exudes chic luxury but also inviting moments of relaxed elegance.
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Boyd Blue Global Sourcing

Global Roaming

Our founder and Creative Director Shelley Boyd is constantly on the hunt for our new collection. Her aim to unify her long love of textiles, innate curiosity of the handmade and inspiration from travels across the globe.
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Natural Curiosities

Drawing from their curiosities in nature, Designer Boys have collaborated with the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria to produce a portfolio of artworks grown from the inspiring archives dating back to 1836.
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Spotted! Home Beautiful

Here at Boyd Blue we are obsessing over Michelle and Simon’s beautifully designed home, we can’t help but appreciate the moody palette and tactile textures found throughout.
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Star Spotting

Our Arteriors Dallas Chandelier is a hit with Ricky Martin and designer Nate Berkus as seen in Architectural Digest.
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State of Art

Great Art has the power. Power to inject life, movement, colour and emotion into your space.
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The Art Of Love

Our congratulations to the Designer Boys, Gavin and Warren. Not only are they launching their best-ever Catalogue Of Art in February - they will also be getting married in a few months.
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Shelley’s Upcoming Adventures

Our owner and Creative Director Shelley Boyd will soon be whizzing around the globe again meeting with the designers behind our international brands, as well as traditional highly skilled artisans and will be on the lookout for new and exciting materials and ideas.
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Rug inspiration

Did you know as a designer you can create a truly unique hand-made rug specifically tailored to an interior project?
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Wealth prediction for interior designers

On the 16th February in Chinese astrology, we move into the lucky year of the dog and apparently after two challenging years, 2018 will be more harmonious, enjoyable and constructive for all, but luckier for some.
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Inspiring fabrics to sink into

Sinking deep into a comfy sofa or chair that hugs every bodily curve is what every client wants so investing in the highest quality furniture your budget will allow is a must.
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New Year, New leaf

The new year is always a perfect time to turn a new leaf and start afresh, set new goals and seek new design inspiration.
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New year lights

Light up the new year and make a statement in every one of your design projects with lighting that draws your attention to all the right pieces and parts of a room and are a focal point of dreamy design elegance.
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Down to Earth

Bring the outdoors in and get grounded this new year, digging deep into the soul of the earth with earthy tones for an interior.
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4 Outdoor Essentials Designed to Last

Continuing the luxurious flow of indoors and taking it outside to create an exterior space that’s a stylish haven, perfect for entertaining, eclectic and unique is achievable with outdoor essentials.
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Lounge on pure comfort

Exclusively available to designers and stylists, Lounge Designer Furniture sofa range combines a purity of design and pure comfort.
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Back in Stock: Designer Rugs

We have received a new container of hand knotted Designer Edition Boyd Rugs. These timeless classics back in stock include Talo, Scout and Trident, available in all colours and are ready to ship for pre-Christmas delivery.
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Floor stock sale

Our floor stock sale has begun and continues into December, which means our clients have a last-minute chance to purchase marked to clear furniture, accessories and upholstery straight from our showroom floor!
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