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    Monday, August 08, 2016

    With the release of our exciting new catalogue only weeks away, we would like to share an insight into the Boyd Blue product range and introduce our THREE new collections.

    The use of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship are our inspiration and is at the core of everything we do.

    We have dedicated ourselves to promoting and preserving the art of fine craftsmanship. Handmade is a global craft and our goal is to work with the best artisans we can, travelling the globe with a passion for designing and sourcing the best products in the world.

    Along with our love for handmade we have a desire for authenticity, we care for where our products are made, who makes them and where the materials are sourced. We care that they are made by people that need our business.

    The majority of products today are mass produced, we aim to support our artisans who grew up loving product and inherited a craft, a craft which is their life. The concept of making product by hand with the expertise that has been handed down from generation to generation is rare in our world, attention to detail is what you are getting.

    Our products are unique, there will always be the personality of the artisan that lives and breathes in the products they are manufacturing. All pieces are one of a kind, when you are working with artisans things don’t always come out perfectly as each artisan works in different ways.

    It's the marks made by the artisan’s hands which we believe to represent craftsmanship. What machines render perfectly an artisan renders imperfectly and it is this signature imperfection that renders each and every Boyd Blue piece.

    Introducing... BRONZE

    "Representing a love of craftsmanship "

    Inspired by unique one of a kind pieces this collection is defined by the materials and authentic craftsmanship specific to Jaipur India. Since the bygone era, Jaipur has been the home for innovative craftsmen. 

    Jaipur’s rich heritage and its unique colourful culture and traditions has quietly inspired the artists and craftsmen to make “art” that has been receiving appreciation from around the world.

    With an eclectic product range handmade using a mix of materials including hand beaten metals, embossed foil and hand carved mango wood and white marble, our bronze collection embodies the spirit of the artisan and offers a unique and inspiring range of entry level products.

    Introducing... SILVER

    ''Timeless glamour and modern elegance'' 

    This global collection is the outcome of a long history of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship in Indonesia is not only a matter of practicality and technicality; it is also a value, an ethos, and a commitment. It has been practiced and internalized in their culture as a driving factor to achieve excellence. 

    Indonesia specialises in its conscious use of materials and finishes, their craft is working with specialised materials including figured veneer with a smoked eucalyptus finish, rasotica brown marble and hand hammered copper. 

    The artisans who produce our Silver collection have a vision and love for design details, care and attention to detail is what you are getting.

    Inspired by timeless silhouettes and manufactured using traditional textured materials and fine detailing our Silver Collection is a homage to traditional Indonesian crafsmanship presented in a contemporary context. 

    Introducing... GOLD

    ''Meticulous craftsmanship, sophisticated designs and luxury finishes

    This sophisticated décor is manufactured in The Philippines and features well-tailored furniture made using a combination of the very best techniques in fine craftsmanship and authentic luxury finishes. 

    Showcasing unique and rare finds including products manufactured using laminated canvas and raffia, mock croc and lizard textured parchment, fine marquetry veneer and faux shagreen, our Gold Collection has a special niche. 

    These pieces are investment pieces that celebrate unique finishes and modern craftsmanship.

    A new collection will be launching on our website each week from Monday, 15 August. These exclusive products will be available to order on pre-sale. 


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